About Sea Technology magazine

For more than 50 years, Sea Technology has been the ocean/marine industry’s consistently recognized authority for ocean design, engineering and application of equipment and services in the global ocean community.

    • It is the one and only monthly magazine proudly serving this multibillion dollar marketplace.
    • It has more domestic and worldwide “buying power” readers than any other magazine in its field.
    • It is distributed in more than 110 countries.


Sea Technology is the worldwide information leader for marine business, science and engineering. Our goal is to provide our global audience with current information on the various segments of the worldwide marine/ocean industry through state-of-the-art and application articles, news columns, and staff reports; and to provide our advertisers with a cost-effective, valuable and useful vehicle by which to promote their products and services.


  • Only publication in its field to receive the prestigious Jesse H. Neal Award for Editorial Excellence.
  • Established and sponsors the industry’s “Oscar”—the Marine Technology Society’s eminent Compass Distinguished Achievement Award—as well as the Compass Industrial Award and the Compass International Award.
  • Established and sponsors the National Ocean Industries Association’s (NOIA) Safety in Seas Award.
  • International Submarine Races—Compass Publications Award for Best Design Outline.


Sea Technology news magazine, including Underwater Engineering, UnderSea Technology, Oceanology International Offshore Technology, and its website, is edited for executives, scientists, engineering and technical personnel in industry, government, and education engaged in the field of undersea defense, oceanography, anti-submarine warfare, marine sciences, underwater exploration, diving and construction, drilling and mining. While effort is made to verify material published, opinions of authors are not necessarily those of the publisher, and the publication accepts no responsibility in connection with any liability that might occur as a result of published material.

Sea Technology is read worldwide in more than 110 countries by management, engineers, scientists and technical personnel working in industry, government and educational research institutions. Readers are involved with oceanographic research, fisheries management, offshore oil and gas exploration and production, undersea defense including anti-submarine warfare, ocean mining and commercial diving.

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