Podcast: SHIPSHAPE – International Ocean Insights

SHIPSHAPE – International Ocean Insights is a new podcast that covers all things marine, maritime, boating and ocean. Every week, an episode unravels oceanic mysteries, delves into maritime trends or shares other stories of the sea.

Beyond stories and interviews, SHIPSHAPE is a thriving community of mariners that aims to foster connections, facilitate knowledge sharing, and promote collaboration among like-minded individuals and businesses in the marine sector. The podcast communicates the latest developments, innovations and shifts in the marine world.

Here are some highlights (click on a title to download the episode):

The Sea Grant Vision: How MIT Sea Grant’s Programs Bridge Science and Community with Danny Badger 

Maritime Decarbonization: The Role of Offshore Wind Farms – John Berry

Turning the Tide: A Deep Dive with Sea Rangers’ Founder Wietse van der Werf

Zero-Emission Vessels in Shipping: The Future of Maritime with Jorne Langelaan

Birgit Liodden on Women-Led Innovations in the Maritime Industry

Ocean Conservation and Superyachts: Robert Van Tol’s Mission

NOAA’s Oceanexplorer: A Deep Dive into Marine Biology and Exploration – Dr. Adrienne Copeland

The Art of Naval Architecture: Insights from Clifford Denn

Do You Get Torpedoes With That? Submarines and Bruce Jones

A Future That Floats: Marius Popa

Whales and Why We Should Care with Jen Kennedy of Blue Ocean Society


You can access the main podcast page at: SHIPSHAPE – International Ocean Insights.

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