Ocean Energy Projects in Isolated Communities

The International Energy Agency’s Ocean Energy Systems (IEA-OES) has released interviews with five experts who have spearheaded pioneering ocean energy projects worldwide. These discussions provide valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with harnessing ocean energy in remote regions.

The interviews explore the objectives, site selection, technical considerations, socioeconomic impacts, environmental considerations, and future prospects of ocean energy projects in islands and remote locations. Together, they provide a comprehensive resource for those interested in the promising field of ocean energy in isolated communities worldwide.

The featured projects and interviews are:
  • King Island UniWave200 Project – Paul Geason (Australia)
  • Nova Innovation Tidal Array at Shetland Islands – Kate Smith (U.K.)
  • Minesto’s Tidal Energy Kite at Faroe Islands – Patrik Pettersson (U.K. and Sweden)
  • SABELLA D10 Project at Ushant Island – Robin Falcone (France)
  • ORPC’s RivGen Power System in the Village of Igiugig, Alaska – Stuart Davies (U.S.)

Access the interviews here.

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