Report–Challenges in the Marine Industry: 2023 and Beyond

A new report from the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science & Technology (IMarEST) identifies the skills gap as one of the major challenges the marine sector faces over the coming decade. The report “Challenges in the Marine Industry: 2023 and Beyond” is based on short-, medium- and long-term challenges identified by over 700 IMarEST professional members in a survey. Responses show that concerns broadly align along the themes of people (skills), technology and the environment.

Chief among the theme related to people and skills is the challenge of being able to attract new talent and retain existing expertise. Member responses included such comments as: a “lack of interest from young people to enter the engineering and technical fields”; a “lack of experienced engineers, especially ones with hands-on and practical experience to support their new recruits’ technical education and knowledge”; and a “general lack of engineers also means that there are fewer engineers to whom to pass the lifelong experiences of other engineers.”

Technology is seen as a challenge and opportunity for the future, with expectation of the expansion of autonomous shipping, increased digitization and further introduction of artificial intelligence systems.

Challenges associated with protecting the environment include: decarbonization, reaching net zero, climate change and mitigation, and being able to meet regulations.

View the report here.

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  • Paul Handidjaja

    Absolutely correct. Lack of continuity pass down to new generation. Need an academy to train and certify new engineers, technicians, mariners etc… to support the renewable energy industries that grow too fast.

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