Project Hiu: Shark Conservation in Indonesia

Exile Content Studio and the artist Edgar Plans have committed to donate $83,000 to Project Hiu to support shark conservation and fishing communities in Indonesia.

The studio and the artist also announced the “Lil Heroes” NFT collection, which will serve as the basis of a new animated TV series and virtual metaverse experience.

Project Hiu was founded by the activist Madison Stewart to encourage Indonesian fishing communities to transition from shark fishing to tourism in order to protect and replenish shark populations, of which 100 million die annually. The goal is to transform shark fishing communities into shark sanctuaries by repurposing the shark fishing vessels and offering an alternative source of income by employing the fishermen that crew them.

The proceeds of the donation will be used to decommission one shark fishing boat for an entire year, which will prevent 600 shark deaths and go toward the education of four children from the villages to open up alternative opportunities for their future.

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